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Inaugural Natural Building Stage and Tent at Off Grid Living Festival a Success!

Over the weekend of the 6-7th of April Natural Building Australia brought together a variety of designers, architects, builders and natural materials professionals in a one-stop-shop […]

An overview: lime renders, earth plasters, washes and tadelakt

It’s becoming clearer that individual actions, particularly across the housing and building sectors, can have marked impacts on the embodied carbon of our lifestyles and the […]

Passive Cooling – What we can learn from the tropics

When we think about passive cooling what do we mean? In our previous blog we highlighted the principles of passive design which include orientation, insulation, shading, […]

Education and trade opportunities for natural building in Australia

Natural Building and Higher Education For years there has been an issue with finding good help in the natural building trades.  Many people can’t locate good […]

A short history of passive solar design in Australia

Once called Solar Homes, passive solar design has been around for thousands of years. Neolithic Chinese home builders originated much of the passive solar heating techniques […]

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